About Us

Aqwi Organics is a wholly owned and independent subsidiary, as well as the organic operating unit of the Liberty Beverage Group, a holding company in Philadelphia, PA. Originally founded in 1958 as a family-owned Beverage Distributorship around the two principles of only selling high-quality, great-tasting products, and always doing business in a trustworthy way, often with just a handshake.


Though Liberty has evolved to become a surging independent in Product Development, Production and Brand Management on the contemporary Beverage/Retail landscape, these two standards of taste and integrity have continued to dominate its corporate culture, investments, partnerships and operating units over time.


Aqwi was built to specifically embrace these standards, along with the brand’s compelling ties to the ocean.  Through its products Aqwi promises to:   stress simplicity and balance; always taste great, bar-none; constantly innovate to improve; identify and source the latest even better organic ingredients, and take our responsibility to a clean sea and planet seriously.


Liberty’s holdings also include Hank’s Gourmet Beverage Company, a leading Craft Soda pioneer known for its rich, deep flavors, upscale and award-winning packaging and early use of pure cane sugar.  Hank’s is a perennial favorite of hip gourmet food devotees, chefs, bartenders, restaurateurs, soda fanatics as well as critics at prestigious media outlets.  The brand is sold nationwide in supermarkets, grocery stores, military exchanges, bars, restaurants, bakeries as well as ice cream, themed entertainment and gourmet food venues.


In late-2019, the Philadelphia Inquirer honored Liberty’s predecessor company as one of the Philadelphia-area’s “Leading Multi-generational Family Enterprises” for its growth, longevity, business practices, philanthropy and community standing.