Five Awesome Fruit Flavor Combinations!

All of our flavors are lightly sweetened with 100% Organic Monk Fruit, so they’re crisp, delicious, deeply fruity, thirst-quenching and drinkable. And they’re perfectly balanced with Sea-SourcedTM antioxidants and electrolytes that hydrate you much better than water, but are just as chuggable. Yes, chuggable, that’s a word.

and enjoy.

Mildly Sweet with the Flavor of Fresh Citrus

Blood Orange Pineapple

Pairing Blood Orange, with its less sweet, but great-tasting orange flavor, together with the delicious, honey-sweet bite of fresh Pineapple, is like arranging the marriage of the Queen and King of citrus, respectively.

This Royal Wedding is lush, light and super fruit-forward all at the same time.


We actually caught people stealing this one from our focus groups.

Bright & Tart Flavor with a Light Sweetness

Guanabana Passion Fruit

Combining Guanabana’s delicious strawberry-like taste and hints of its pineapple-like aroma with the perky tropical and light-citrus flavor from Passion Fruit — think banana, plum and guava with a squeeze of lime – gives you this new take on hydration. It’s an innovative new flavor you might not know at first, but will come to crave.


We know you’ll enjoy drinking the Guanabana, just don’t try to pet one.

Classic Tropical Blend, Lightly Sweet

Coconut Lime

Blending the sweet, creamy flavor of Coconut with a tart pop of Lime, this drink delivers a delicious glide of yumminess. It’s a smooth combo that packs a tropical punch to excite the taste buds.

If you merely like Coconut, you will love this flavor.


If you love Coconut, however, you’ll find yourself hiding it in the fridge where others can’t find it. That’s what happens when we have it around the office.

Refreshing with a Hint of Summer Sweetness

Cucumber Watermelon Lime

Three of Mother Nature’s most elegant, light and delicious fruit “hydrators” combine here for a drink you’ll love after work or after a workout. It’s gently flavored with a Watermelon center plus a crisp kiss of Spring from the Cucumber and a light lime citrus finish.


We have to admit, every time we let somebody try this one, they always ask, “Have you mixed this with vodka?” Hint. Hint.

Slightly Sweet, Refreshing Tropical Flavor

Mango Peach

We’ve painstakingly blended Mango’s luscious tropical flavor and bright citrus finish with the smooth, silky sweetness and juicy taste of a bite into a Summer’s ripe peach.

But we keep it light, natural, and centered on the fruits themselves.


You’ll find yourself asking, “Is it Mango Peach I taste? Or Peach Mango?” Jack and Jill? Giselle and Tom? Doesn’t matter who wears the pants to your taste buds…

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